Sunday School

Opportunities for Christian growth are offered each Sunday through adult and children’s classes that are scheduled from 9:45 AM through 10:45 AM.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Koinonia Class, The Chapel
The Koinonia Class is composed of middle-aged  to senior adults,  and enjoys lively open discussion. This class uses The New International Lesson Annual as its study guide, and enjoys Christian fellowship outside of class time.


Children’s Sunday School Classes


Pre-school Age 3-4 Years Old, Room 209
The Preschoolers learn about God while participating in arts, crafts, dancing, role-playing and memorizing Bible verses.

Live B.I.G Ages 5-12, Room 120
This group learns through interactive games, crafts and music

Chi Rho (Pre-teens)
The Chi Rho group learns through the Bible message about God’s love and how to communicate their faith in Jesus to others.